the pussy alignment

This workshop was an intimate – women only – communal bodily experience that attempted to bring out the feminine feminine. A vagina conspiracy inspired by second wave French feminist writing écriture féminine that emerged from the notion that language and science are inherently male discourses. Women must inscribe themselves into history by developing their own subjectivity that is situated in their own body and sex organ. Yelena proposed to reinvent écriture féminine as a spiritual practice to reclaim the Yoni power in a world of gender confusion. During the workshop we aligned our creative energy with the Yoni by practicing vaginal breathing exercises. In this highly sensual state we attempted to bring out the feminine feminine through automatic writing. Our combined effort was presented as an artwork at Roodkapje Rot(t)terdam for the duration of a week.

  • art
  • year: 2014
  • medium: workshop
  • duration: 6 hours



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