political pattern #2 gazing experiment

We are all born naked. We are all born free. Yet the female body is governed by law and social norms. From a young age girls are encouraged to be desirable to the opposite sex. Therefore, fashion is an obvious obsession of most women. As our second skin – our tool to manage sex appeal – fashion can empower or suppress the individual. Fashion is the burqa. Fashion is the miniskirt. The rules are dictated by patterns that change each season. Patterns, that for centuries have been dictated by men. Patterns, that can be copied and changed to suit the individuals need. The choice makes the difference; conform or rebel.

During this performance Yelena stood naked in a public library with her eyes closed. Each time a member of the audience would approach she opened her eyes to confront them with her gaze. The books in the bookshelf were covered with pattern paper so that the audience would have to tear it to see inside. By tearing the paper the audience became intimate with the books about women's issues. Inside were feminist books that they could take home.

  • art
  • year: 2013
  • medium: performance
  • duration: 30 min





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