six % of separation

An exposition that plays with the idea that everyone is an average approximately six (or seven) steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person on Earth. But what does this mean for our ideas? Yelena attempts to describe herself through the work of her friends: Menah Marleen Wellen, Mary Amelia Molina, Fleur Ouwerkerk, Ikram El Messaoudi, Jasper Griepink, Kim de Haas, Piet Langeveld & Cathy de Haan, Stefan Lumpi Starke and Christie Zwart. These people are connected by similar ideas, they studied at the same art academy, but some of them never met. Now they are brought together by a mutual friend. Together they paint a picture of their time spirit, their idea of the Artist and Art.

  • curation
  • year: 2011
  • medium: miscellaneous x 11 artists
  • duration: 1 week



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