signature plastic bag

This performance lasted about an hour. First, Yelena spent 20 minutes signing plastic bags, then she went around the venue selling them to the public. This gesture was a mockery of the fashion system where overprized signature bags are idolized. Although Yelena is passionate about fashion, she does not have access to that world. Out of frustration and a twisted sense of humour Yelena imploded her precarious situation. Having limited private funds, she chose the ready made plastic bag. Underlining that in the fashion industry goods are not made by designers, they only symbolize them. Signing the bags was a personal gesture that created unique cultural artefacts. Furthermore selling the bags, created an intimate connection between the artist and her consumers that lacks in the fashion system. This performance was both a carricature of the fashion system and a proposition for a more personal approach.

  • art
  • year: 2012
  • medium: performance
  • duration: 60 min